Class 10 CBSE Physics: Conquer Exams with Video Lectures
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Class 10th CBSE Physics recorded Video Lectures

  • Unlock the world of Physics with engaging video lectures tailored for CBSE Class 10th students!

Created by Shiksha Nation

  • English + Hindi

About the course


This course offers comprehensive recorded video lectures covering the Physics syllabus for Class 10th students following the CBSE curriculum. The topics are explained in an easy-to-understand manner to enhance students' understanding and performance in their exams.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Physics curriculum coverage
  • Easy-to-understand explanations
  • Suitable for Class 10 students CBSE board exams

What you will learn:

  • Enhanced Understanding
    Clear explanations and in-depth coverage of Physics topics to strengthen conceptual understanding.
  • Exam Preparation
    Focused content delivery to help students prepare effectively for Class 10 CBSE Physics exams.
  • Convenient Learning
    Access pre-recorded video lectures at your convenience to study Physics at your own pace.

Course Curriculum

What do we offer

PDF Notes Summary

Every Chapter is summarized in 2-3 pages in pointers with colourful diagrams which makes both learning and revision easy in no time. 

Structured learning

Our curriculum is designed by experts to make sure you get the best learning experience.

Student Community 

Interact and network with like-minded Students from various demography's in discussion and doubt forums.

Learn with the best

Stuck on something? Discuss it with your peers and the instructors in the inbuilt chat groups.

Questions with Solutions

In our PDF Notes you will find Objective, Very Short, Short & Long answer type questions with detailed solutions best for School/Boards or Scholastic Exams.

Memory Maps

Get the entire Chapter/Topic been converted into a memory map which makes revision a minutes job.


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